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Powerhouse Negotiator

Cindy is a powerhouse negotiator and it has been so amazing learning how to speak up and step into my power!

Nicole Kelly

Wisdom, Tenacity, Experience

Cindy Watson is truly inspirational. Anyone who has heard her speak gets hooked. From her humble upbringing to her staunch activism today, it is hard not to be motivated and spurred on to find your purpose in your organization and I daresay the world. She’s worked with our organization for over 2 decades, successfully advancing and empowering women. Professionally and personally I was in a terrifying place when I met Cindy. I was inspired as she not only helped me recognize my strength but gave me the confidence to trust in myself and follow my true purpose. I’m now the Vice President of our organization. She has also helped others in our organization realize that they have strength and courage. I would encourage any woman who is looking to make a positive profound change in her life to seek out Cindy for her wisdom, tenacity and experience.

Dee Osborne Vice president ATU 107

Absolute Best Results

Cindy Watson has a deep compassion for her clients and pushes to get the absolute best results for them every time. She rolls up her sleeves to dig in and work with us, encouraging us to be the best we can be, challenging the status quo and moving us ever forward to achieve all that we can at both the micro and macro level. Passionate in protecting the rights of individuals and fierce in her courage, she empowers and inspires us to succeed at every level. Cindy has worked with our organization for over 15 years and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others. My first experience of seeing her speak at an event was powerful – she was bold, inspiring, and motivating!

Hayat Jasey Business Manager SEAC

Cindy Watson has been working with our organization for over 20 years, successfully advocating to advance the interests of women and women’s rights. She is a master at motivating, inspiring and empowering women. She helped me gain the confidence and courage to step into my true power and purpose to become the President of our organization. Cindy is one of the most powerful motivating speakers and coaches I’ve ever seen. She’s a gifted speaker who leaves you inspired and activated and spurred to take on the world.

Lois Boggs President OPSSU

The Real Deal

Cindy Watson is the real deal. She’s been a leading labour lawyer for decades and is known as one of the strongest advocates for women’s rights in both the U.S.A and Canada. She is passionate and principled, always pushing the boundaries and debunking limiting beliefs. Cindy genuinely cares deeply about her clients and she gets great results. It’s not an overstatement to say that Cindy changes lives. Don’t miss a live event with Cindy as a speaker. She is a dynamic powerhouse who motivates and inspires the crowd.

Christine Hart Former Minister of Culture and Communications Founder Accord/Hart & Associates